Dear Friends:

Here are the Top Ten Ways Life Will Be Better For Scottsdale Residents If I Am Elected Mayor:

10. Our McDowell Sonoran Preserve will be 100% protected from commercial development, now and into the future. No exceptions! No Desert Discovery Center (DDC)!

9. South Scottsdale will finally get the positive attention it deserves from city government; it will no longer be treated as a blighted stepchild.

8. I will take real action (such as improving our bus and trolley systems) to fix our traffic mess.

7. Critical infrastructure maintenance and improvements will be funded by eliminating special-interest subsidies and waste from the city budget - not by asking Scottsdale residents to increase their property taxes.

6. Residential neighborhoods throughout Scottsdale will be protected from intrusive commercial development.

5. The galleries, restaurants and shops in our Downtown that contribute to our economy and to Scottsdale's unique reputation for arts and culture will no longer be threatened by city-subsidized competition.

4. I will derail the push to transform Scottsdale's unique Downtown into an urban jungle of tall buildings that block our views, high-density apartments that clog our streets and stress our infrastructure, and an out-of-control bar district.

3. Keeping you safe will continue to be my #1 priority, which is why Police and Firefighters have endorsed me for Mayor.

2. I will put a stake through the heart of the budget-busting, business-destroying plan to run fixed rail up Scottsdale Road.

And, the Number One Way Life Will Be Better For Scottsdale Residents If I Am Elected Mayor:

The loudest voices heard at City Hall will be the voices of Scottsdale residents, not the voices of moneyed special interests!

Our city desperately needs new leadership to protect Scottsdale's special character and high quality of life. That is why I am asking for your vote for Mayor.

Bob Littlefield

P.S. I need your help now more than ever. Click here for details about how you can help my campaign for Mayor. If you have any questions or would like more information my email address is and my phone # is 602-228-9145.

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