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This week the Scottsdale Independent asked my opponent and I two questions: "Why are you running for Scottsdale Mayor?" and "What do you think separates you from your opponent?" Here are my answers:

Why are you running for Scottsdale Mayor?
I want to protect Scottsdale's special character and high quality of life, both of which are being diminished by the current Mayor. He supports a Scottsdale of tall buildings that block our views, urban-level density that clogs our streets with traffic and stresses our infrastructure, an oversupply of ugly apartments, and an out-of-control bar district. He is encouraging the destruction and decay of Scottsdale's once world-renowned art gallery scene. He happily approves commercial development in residential neighborhoods and even supports commercial development (the Desert Discovery Center) in the citizen-created crown jewel of Scottsdale, the Preserve. And finally, he is squandering our hard-earned tax dollars on special-interest handouts instead of funding our city's critical infrastructure needs.

There is no better example of the stark difference between my opponent and I than his support of the Desert Discovery Center. The citizens of Scottsdale voted five times to tax themselves for almost a billion dollars to create a unique and special Preserve. They were promised the land would always be protected from development. Now, my opponent wants to break that promise and put a large-scale commercial entertainment venue, the Desert Discovery Center, right inside the gateway to our Preserve. Once the prohibition on development inside the Preserve is violated the precedent is set and the Preserve becomes open to further exploitation. I oppose breaking this promise to the citizens of Scottsdale and I will fight to protect our unique and special Preserve from development.

In contrast to my opponent's negative vision for Scottsdale, here is what I stood for when I was a Councilman for 12 years, and what voters can count on me to fight for as Mayor:
  • I will keep our property taxes low by ending the wasteful city spending and special-interest subsidies my opponent allows.
  • Enough is enough! I will continue to oppose the massive expansion of unsightly apartments and high-rises which obstruct our views, clog our streets and overstress our infrastructure.
  • Public safety is the city's #1 responsibility. Funding public safety will always be my top budget priority.
  • I will protect the local businesses and galleries which keep our city financially strong and enhance our high quality of life.
  • I oppose bringing light rail to our city. It would raise our taxes by literally hundreds of millions of dollars and destroy the local business on Scottsdale Road.
  • As a City Councilman I was a tireless advocate for Scottsdale residents and their neighborhoods. Voters can be sure I will do the same as Scottsdale's Mayor!
What do you think separates you from your opponent?
In addition to fighting to protect Scottsdale's special character and high quality of life, the other hallmark of my tenure on the City Council was fighting against wasteful spending and special-interest handouts. Unfortunately, my opponent is doing just the opposite. While he claims to run an efficient and austere city government, the facts prove otherwise:
  • Before he retired as city treasurer, now Councilman David Smith publicly stated the City Council was balancing the operating budget not by cutting expenses, but by cutting contributions to the capital budget. Unsurprisingly that cupboard is now bare, which is why City Hall has asked Scottsdale voters twice in the last three years to increase property taxes to fund infrastructure maintenance which should be funded from general fund revenues.
  • Scottsdale residents pay the second highest general fund cost per resident of any city in the Valley - only Tempe residents pay more.
  • Scottsdale has more employees per resident than any other city in the Valley. Interestingly, staffing for public safety (which should be the number one priority of municipal government) isn't the issue; those numbers are right in the middle of the pack. Where Scottsdale is overstaffed is with executives, 155 of whom make six-figure salaries.
  • The mayor and his allies often tout the bar district as an "economic driver." Actually, the bar district costs Scottsdale residents money. According to a study done by then-City Treasurer Smith, the bar district contributes less than $400,000 in annual revenues to the city but costs $1.2 million annually just to police the streets. And that doesn't even include the costs for maintenance (street cleaning, etc.) or code enforcement.
  • In 2014, the mayor and his allies on the City Council voted (over my objections) to give golf pro Phil Mickelson about $2 million dollars in taxpayer gifts in the form of a new clubhouse and other improvements to the city-owned McDowell Mountain Golf Course - improvements his lease required him to fund!
  • For 10 years, the city has been sitting on 80 acres of prime land at 94th and Bell. Every year Scottsdale taxpayers shell out roughly $3 million in debt service to hold on to that raw land. It's time to sell it and use the proceeds to fund some of our truly worthy and needed capital projects.
There are more Scottsdale city budget outrages than I have room to mention on this page. But the bottom line is clear: Scottsdale needs new leadership.

While November seems a long way away it really isn't, because we have a lot of work to do over the next five months. My opponent will outspend me and has already started running a negative campaign against me. Most certainly his allies will mount an anonymous "dark money" campaign designed to defeat me. I have won elections despite these challenges before, and I am confident we have the winning message in this campaign.

But I need your help now more than ever. While I know money is tight I need whatever you can give to offset my opponent's special interest dollars. I need supporters to organize neighbor meet-and-greets so I can get my message directly to voters. I still have yard signs if you don't have one already. And I need for you all to spread the word, via email, Facebook, telephone calls or whatever about my platform to Keep Scottsdale Special!

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