Dear Friends:

Every day my opponent sends out a new email, Facebook post or tweet filled with lies about me and about his sorry record as the incumbent Mayor.

It's tempting to respond to each of these lies. But by now everyone understands my opponent must lie if he has any hope of being re-elected. If the Mayoral campaign focuses on his record of consistently voting for the special interests who fund his campaign, at the expense of Scottsdale residents, he knows he will be defeated in a landslide!

Rather than spending more time refuting each of his many lies, I want to talk about what I will do as Mayor to make life better for Scottsdale residents. So here, in the popular top ten format, are the Top Ten Ways Life Will Be Better For Scottsdale Residents When Bob Littlefield Is Elected Mayor:

10. Our McDowell Sonoran Preserve will be 100% protected from commercial development. No exceptions! No Desert Discovery Center (DDC)!

9. South Scottsdale will finally get the positive attention it deserves from city government instead of being treated as a blighted stepchild.

8. City government will work to reduce traffic congestion instead of working to make it worse.

7. Scottsdale residents won't need to increase their property taxes to pay for critical infrastructure maintenance and improvements, because we will pay for them by eliminating wasteful special-interest subsidies and inefficiency from our general fund.

6. Scottsdale residents throughout our city won't have to worry that their beautiful neighborhoods will be disrupted by intrusive commercial development. Protecting your homes and your high quality of life will be my top priority.

5. The galleries, restaurants and shops in our Downtown that contribute to both our economy and to Scottsdale's unique reputation for arts and culture will no longer be threatened by subsidized competition from the Mayor's special-interest cronies.

4. We will halt the push to transform Scottsdale's unique Downtown into a second-rate copy of Tempe with tall buildings that block our views, urban-level density that clogs our streets with traffic and stresses our infrastructure, an oversupply of ugly apartments, and an out-of-control bar district.

3. Police and Firefighters will be treated fairly and respectfully at City Hall instead of being treated like enemies.

2. We will put a stake through the heart of the budget-busting, business-destroying plan to run fixed rail up Scottsdale Road.

And, the Number One Way Life Will Be Better For Scottsdale Residents When Bob Littlefield Is Elected Mayor:

The loudest voices heard at City Hall will be the voices of Scottsdale residents instead of the voices of moneyed special interests!

Bob Littlefield

P.S. I need your help now more than ever. Click here for details about how you can help my campaign for Mayor. If you have any questions or would like more information my email address is and my phone # is 602-228-9145.

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