Quotes From Supporters

"I served with Bob Littlefield on the Scottsdale City Council for two years. I find him to be one of the most honest and caring people I know. What more can you ask of a city councilman!"
Tom Silverman, Former Scottsdale City Councilman and hotel owner

"Councilman Littlefield has proven over the years he has served on the city council that he is what every city councilman should be, a representative of the residents, voters, and small business owners who want to maintain what makes Scottsdale special, not the zoning attorneys and developers who want to profit from Scottsdale's success with no regard for the long term impact on the city or its residents. We need more councilmen like him and fewer who are pushing their own agenda instead of representing the people who elected them."
Howard Myers, Community Leader

"Bob Littlefield is a friend and advocate for neighborhoods and small businesses. He is honest and straight forward in protecting what makes Scottsdale special."
Marilynn Atkinson, Downtown Scottsdale Business Owner

"Bob has been steadfast in supporting and providing clear direction for Scottsdale. He doesn't mince words and will do and say what he believes is right, irrespective of its political effect."
Bob Vairo, Community Leader

"Bob Littlefield has a strong track record of supporting managed growth, fiscal responsibility and completing the Preserve. Bob is responsive to resident concerns and protecting neighborhoods."
Linda Whitehead, Community Leader

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