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Vote Bob Littlefield for Mayor
Real Leadership When Scottsdale Needs It Most!

Getting Things Done

  • Budget: While Bob was on the City Council he consistently voted to reduce city spending, reduce property taxes, and stop wasteful subsidies.
  • Business: Local businesses keep our city financially strong. Bob supports tourism, works to attract new businesses and events to Scottsdale and fights to protect business owners from condemnation.
  • Public Safety: Bob understands keeping you safe is the number 1 job of city government and has always supported police and firefighters
  • Open & Accountable Government: Bob voted to cut back on secret Executive Sessions and to make official documents available to the press and public. While Chairman of the Audit Committee he voted for hard-hitting, meaningful audits of city government.
  • Protecting Neighborhoods: While Bob was on the City Council he worked with neighborhoods and fought hard for tough development standards and improved Code Enforcement.
  • Preservation: Bob voted 100% to support the McDowell-Sonoran Preserve, to keep commercial development out of the Preserve and to increase public access to the Preserve.
  • Water: While Chairman of Scottsdale's Council Subcommittee on Water Issues Bob worked to keep Scottsdale's water supply clean, affordable and sustainable.
  • Papago Park: As Scottsdale's representative to the Papago Park Executive Committee Bob worked to preserve and protect this important amenity for our community.
Working to Improve Scottsdale's Quality of Life

8926 E. Sheena Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
(480) 951-2549